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Title: 120 volt AC receptacles on 2010 MB Unity model
Post by: Karl on June 11, 2020, 08:46:25 pm
One by one the electrical outlets on our 2010 Leisure Travel Van began to fail.
I'm also changing the old Parallax 600 watt inverter to a 1000 watt Renogy pure sine wave inverter, and requested wiring schematics from Triple E in Winkler, Manitoba. They cannot supply detailed diagrams because the Unity factory in Alberta was taken over by them and they just aren't able to keep track of all the design changes that took place back then.
So I'm checking the wiring to the outlets. Problem solved -- back then they used the type that pinches the wires without removing the insulation. This is a very bad idea for a vehicle where vibration and corrosion from moisture can oxidize the copper. I'm replacing the receptacles with screw-type outlets; the surface-mount metal raceway shallow box is perfect for this situation.
Let me know if you are encountering any other similar issues.
The new inverter needs to be wired in a completely different way -- don't attempt this unless you are a very experienced and brave handyman. (Oops; these days we should be saying "maintenance expert")