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Flat towing with a Unity 24MB

Took my first real trip towing a Chevy Colorado crew cab short box 4wd this last week.  First trip was a lousy test since we were towing in a wind gusting to 45mph bringing it home from Wentsville, Mo where e-trailer installed all the equipment on the Colorado. It was a miserable drive the whole way.

Before our trip from the Des Moines area to the Ozark Natl Scenic River for kayaking we weighed our 2014 Unity 24MB and the Colorado.   The Unity weighed 10360 lbs with driver, water, fuel and propane tanks full and loaded as we normally travel.  The only thing not weighed was food for the refirgerator.
The Colorado weighed 4740 lbs with driver, and full fuel tank.  We still had Kayaks and gear to put in.
With a GCWR of 15250 lbs this left us with 150lbs and both the RV and the toad were under the limits.  Pretty close to the limit when the kayaks went in.
The combo pulled  quite well but we did notice a lot more wandering than when we weren't towing.  Our fuel mileage for the 1000 mile trip averaged about 14.8 mpg on the Sprinter's computer.  We normally get around 17 when not towing.
This was an unusual load since we seldom take the kayaks and will probably will only tow on an extended trip.  We usually drive our rvs about 10000 miles a year and the idea of the Unity was to go smaller and simpler and fit smaller sites.
I would probably consider upgrades on the suspension if I was to go with this big a load regularly.

Bottom line- I was happy with the results and don't regret downsizing from a 36' fifth wheel to the Unity one bit.

Re: Flat towing with a Unity 24MB

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Most people don't tow with a driver in toad, so take that weight off from truck.
Not surprised handling not best in wind when towing about 50% of your tow vehicle weight.  It is going to whip the rear end around no matter what you add, I think.

I tow 2600 lb toad, don't feel much but so far have avoided any high winds, except some in the Columbia Gorge, but they were side gusts  so did feel them!
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Re: Flat towing with a Unity 24MB

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I have a 2020 Unity MB.  Considering flat towing a 2017 Jeep Willys, 2 Door and weights 4000#s.  Anyone have any experience with this combination? Is the tail wagging the dog?