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Hello to All- curious to see if anyone has purchased the new Unity Rear Lounge and how do you like it? What made you buy it over the Serenity or other Unity models? Can you tell what options you got and what are available? Also what interior colors were available or optioned. Thanks

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No production until October. Currently own TB and expect too see new RL model in Hershey in Sept. lounge space and Murphy bed looks great but storage will be greatly reduced from out current model.

Re: 2020 UNITY RL

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Thoughts by a potential buyer, after seeing one,  it was ,posted on FB.

Just saw the concept Unity RL in San Diego, thank you Kevin Pomerleau. Some of our thoughts :
The good:
1. Loved the front set up with the swivel table in between the side seats and the front swivel seats. Makes it easy to have friends over for a meal or wine.
2. Loved the extra counter space that comes down from the wall.
3. Loved the modern lighting on the ceiling.
4. Really loved that the fridge and freezer open from each side, however, the microwave/oven still only opens one way which makes it a bit awkward to use in that narrow hallway.
5. Loved the back bed after it was lowered, plenty of room for my 6'1" husband.
6. Loved the concept of having the back area to lounge in, however it didn't work. (See the bad)
7. Liked the two large windows in the back.
8. Loved the new chassis and all the features. Had no problem with my 5' grandeur sitting down in the swivel chairs after Kevin adjusted the seat for me.
The bad:
1. The most disappointing feature for us was the two lounge chairs in the back. We both found them extremely uncomfortable. Our heads hit between the back of the chair and the back wall padded thing. The chairs slide out at a weird angle. To be fair, the seating was very comfortable if left as a couch, but what's the point of having the recliners if you can't use them.
2. Neither one of the tv's swivel, they both need to.
3. The shower is small to the point of almost being claustrophobic.
4. There is VERY little storage space both inside and out.
5. The hallway is really tight, no way to pass each other if you need to.
6. The aforementioned microwave/oven only opening one way on top of the fridge/freezer opening both ways.
7. Not impressed with the floor decor choice.
8. The pretty blue/grey color of the concept upholstery not available on purchase.

So, all in all,  after thinking that this was perfect for us when we order an LTV early next year, we're back to the drawing board on which Unity model will fit us the best unless Leisure makes some major improvements between now and when they start production.

You need to see it in person, we did see one, had potential but not there yet.
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THANKS!!! I was hoping someone had seen it in person. We had high hopes for it vs. the Serenity because it looked like it had such diversity; sad to hear of the lack of outside storage and the shower ( me being 6' and 260lbs.- big boy lol). Thanks again for the replies and information. Take care and be safe! ;)

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Appreciate the info!  VERY interested in this model.  Does anyone know what the little round, silver knob/button is in kitchen area above and to the right of the 3 bottom drawers?