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U-Shaped Dinette Removal

The U-shaped couch on our 2014 was very uncomfortable. I wanted to remove and replace with the Leisure Travel recliners.
Leisure Travel said they would not sell me the recliners. If I wanted recliners, buy a model with them installed. CHALLENGE.
I removed the U-shaped couch, drawers...all of it. Replaced with 2018 Cadillac Escalade second row, leather, recliner, tilt forward seats. To bring the Murphy bed down, the seat height, when folded, can only be 18" high. The Escalade seats were right on tract. There was not height room for a rotational component. Both end walls remained intact. Then I built cabinets on the side and side of the seats. There is a cabinet between the seats 17" high. Then I added a full length, 3 compartment storage behind the seats. They can only be 10" high and must be an inch or so in front of the Murphy bed travel path. I was to keep the original table post. Just fabricated an 18" round table and utilized the original table socket. On front of the forward wall, I fabricated a holding storage pocket for the table when not in use. To ensure stability, I utilize the slide out locks under the end of the bed at night.
For leg support, we use folding steps that are 15" tall when folded. That way they fit in the center console when not in use.
This arrangement is worlds ahead of the U-shaped couch.
The cost was minimal.