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Tire rotation

Hello all, we have just over 11,000 miles on our 2019 Wonder. We're taking to dealer tomorrow to have oil changed and tire rotation. After realizing today that the tires would have to be dismounted and then remounted because of the difference in wheels, I'm wondering if it's worth having them rotated. Thinking any extra mileage we get out of the tires might be absorbed by the cost of having them rotated. We use a TPMS so we keep the air pressure where it needs to be. Tires appear to be wearing properly. Does anybody have any thoughts / experience? Hate to ask a dealer for advice ! Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Re: Tire rotation

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I have been told,  if they are wearing uniformly no need for rotation.  Rotate to even out the wear.
You could just rotate the alloy wheels, but now the TPMS also need to be moved!
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Re: Tire rotation

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Yes you can rotate left to right without unmounting tires. Fronts too. If they are wearing evenly I wouldn't bother.
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Re: Tire rotation

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As long as the tire wear looks the same I would not bother . What TMPS brand are you using?

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