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In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas

In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas

Hello LTV Owners,

With all the excitement and activity regarding the integration of Lithium Batteries to RV's, Linda and I decided document our own independent installation and share it with other RV owners who might be considering a lithium upgrade to their coach.

While there are many different levels of installations, our film shows a total conversion from flooded batteries, to a state of the art advanced lithium system. The film includes an overview of 12 & 110 volt wiring. It also covers our five different charging sources and most important, having the right RV appliances with a lithium coach. This film is applicable to type; B, B+, C, or A motorhomes.

A few of the key components are a pair of Lithionics Battery 400ah lithium packs (800AH) providing over 10 kilowatts of lithium power. The packs are regulated by a Lithionics advanced Bluetooth BMS module. The secondary component is Xantrex's Freedom 3012, 3 kw inverter, with its 150 amp lithium protocol charger, SCP panel and Combox wireless system, connected to our MoFi 4500G 4G cell router, allowing monitoring and making changes to the system from any location. 

The system also includes a Mastervolt's Charge Mate Pro for charging from the stock Transit alternator, and Victon's solar controller and 400 watts of roof panels. The film also includes installation of a Ring 4G alarm system with cameras and a lithium heating system.

Enjoy - Mike Mas


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Re: In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas

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Thank you,
Where would all this equipment go in FTB? Might get three 100 amps Lithium in battery compartment but 800??
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Re: In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas

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Not exactly sure what your floor plan is but I've seen some pretty compact installations. I specifically bought the Wonder for upgrading it to lithium.  A lot of guys use the smaller type 31 batteries and install them where your flooded batteries are located. If you're not planning on running the roof air, the install is pretty simple.

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