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Cold Floors - Cold Driver Area - Cold Coach

Our 2014 Leisure Travel 24MB is cold. The floor is cold, the driver area is cold, the slide out floor is cold. It's only 40 degrees outside. The furnace is running and we are using a 650 watt cube heater. The bathroom is hot. The kitchen area is warm. The living room ceiling is warm. The living room floor is cold...uncomfortably cold. The driver area is close to outside cold temp.

Our propane furnace only has 2 outlets in the bathroom and 1 outlet in the PS storage compartment and none in the DS water utility area. If it is too cold for the heat pump (about 40 degrees), there is no heat forward of the bedroom

The entry steps are frigid as is the closet behind the passenger seat. All this with the furnace set at 82 degrees. The thermostat is keeping warm, as the furnace does cycle on and off. Forward of the thermostat is cold. We can feel cold air moving.

The windows are shut. The entry door is shut. Both driver and passenger doors are shut. There is very little wind outside. The front half of the coach is just cold.

Is this typical of 2014 or so Unity's? Is it ever cold in Winkler, MB? This is our first winter in our Unity. I am so surprised at the lack of uniform heating.

Any suggestions?

Re: Cold Floors - Cold Driver Area - Cold Coach

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The furnace fan should have more than just one speed; perhaps that's the issue. Otherwise, a DIY solution would be to extend the furnace duct that goes to the galley-area to somewhere near the side door. This isn't easy -- our 24MB had a retractable TV set in that spot, which we've removed to make room for some drawers.
The 2009 Sprinter heater is not adequate in the driver's area. We've driven at -20 C (0 degrees F) and insulated boots are a good idea!