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Engine Exercise in winter

Winterized and closed for winter. Trickle charger on engine battery. 30A plug at home. Checking tire pressures.

What should I be doing to exercise the engine? I've read it's not that good of an idea to start the engine regularly without driving around.

Should I unplug and drive it around? Won't be traveling anywhere till March.
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Re: Engine Exercise in winter

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If it is a newer unit that has the emission control devices/exhaust, long idle time is not recommended. Diesel engines today like to be run under load to stay happy!!  Having a battery maintainer to keep the batteries charged is good. I also would not recommend adding any type of winter fuel additive unless it is approved by the vehicle manufacturer. That additive can have a negative effect on the emission control devices, a costly repair.
Living in New England we have the same concerns as we try and leave in March to head somewhere warm. Ideally, I would like to build a garage to keep the coach in.

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