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Road Noise

Our 2019 Unity CB is our first RV and our first trip was I-10 JAX to LA.  Everything about driving the vehicle was easier or better than anticipated, except for road noise.  At highway speeds we found the noise from the living space really interfered with conversation and audio.  I doubt it's unique to our unit and wonder how others deal with this issue.  We were thinking some sort of curtain behind the front compartment would help, but maybe there are other options?  Looking under the living space there seems to be little to no insulation, so adding some sound dampening insulation might also be possible?

thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Re: Road Noise

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Road noise might come from:
1.  truck-type tires in both the rear and the front that should be replaced with a quiet summer tread
2.  wind noise, especially at the slide-out. Check the weatherstripping and add a soft foam profile where needed
3.  the side door might also require some extra weatherstripping
4.  Leisure Travel Vans used to spray a really thick foam coating everywhere below the floor. This might require renewal
5.  A curtain will not suffice; the ceiling is not especially acoustically damping, so perhaps you can add some proper headliner material