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Frame Heater Dometic RMD 8555

We’ve purchased a 2016 Serenity and have a question about frame heating in our Dometic RMD 8555 refrigerator. This option is new to us – never had it in the refrigerator in our fifth wheel. The manual says:

“All models are equipped with a frame heating (12VDC/3,5W) around the freezer compartment.
During summer months with high temperature and humidity the metal frame may have water droplets forming. To evaporate these droplets switch on the frame heating with button (6).”

Then reading the manual further, it reads:
“Operation with 120 V mode and 12 V mode AES (automatic operation): The frame heater is switched on continuously. There is no indication on the control panel.”

So, does that mean there is no action needed on our part since our model RMD 8555 has AES mode? Plus, if I didn’t have an AES mode, is this option something that is run with high temperatures and humidity or is it either high temperatures or high humidity? We’re in Arizona now where temps are hovering between 85-95 with very low humidity.

Thanks for any clarification.