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Unity RL Interactive Control System

Have taken delivery on a new Unity RL this spring. Love it so far but still trying to figure things out. One thing I like to have some exchange on is the Interactive Control System. Being able to control most functions from each of the 4 panels is great but is taking some getting used to. Anyone having experience with this and some ideas in case the panels are not showing the same information? Anyone having issues with a panel not working any longer?

Re: Unity RL Interactive Control System

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I put stick on -stick ons over the main buttons so I c an get some sensory feedback when I am looking for the bathroom light or main light button in bedroom. Put them on as you feel necessary but not too many on one pad or you will loose the benefit.
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Re: Unity RL Interactive Control System

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I have had one panel that occasionally goes black or freezes.  Quick fix is to turn off your house battery & it will reboot.  Not sure what you mean by panels not showing the same information.  There is a settings button to change the defaults, but you should be able to access every button from every panel irrespective. (Keep tapping the 3 horizontal bars icon until you see whatever you need.)  If you mean by "different", e.g., the tank levels show different depending on the panel -- no, I have not had that type of problem.  I know that the instructions that came with RL do not match 100% to the actual panel displays (e.g., there's no "alarm" function at all despite many pages of instructions devoted to explaining it.   As of Aug 2020, I'd suggest talking to LTV instead of Dometic with Qs.  Dometic service desk admitted they'd never been trained on the system (after I queued for 1.25 hours to talk to someone and spent over 20 more minutes trying to work through the issue).  LTV was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful - had answer in less than 5 minutes.