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Batteries Discharge During Storage

Have a 2018 Unity and notice the batteries are totally drained after 2 months of summer storage. The propane switch is turned off, the main disconnect by the steps into the motor home is also turned off. Inverter is turned off. Love the motor home but dislike the idea of disconnecting the battery cables every time. Any suggestions? Jack & Diane

Re: Batteries Discharge During Storage

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Are you referring tho the coach or house batteries?

Re: Batteries Discharge During Storage

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Even with main disconnect off the propane & co detectors are still on.  Maybe 0.50 amp draw but over 60 days that is 30 amps. Maybe something else is on?
Install a knife disconnect switch on the negative line to ground, that will turn all power off, no more removing cable.
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Re: Batteries Discharge During Storage

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Thanks Harry, coach and house batteries were dead. Will install a disconnect on the battery.