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Dometic RM8555 mystery fan

We recently purchased a 2016 LTV Serenity with a RM8555 Dometic refrigerator.

When I removed the top outside (exterior) cover on the refrigerator, I was surprised to see a small fan installed. The fan is a Yate Loon Electronics brand, model D90BM-12.  See photo.

Unless I missed it, the Dometic manual doesn't mention this fan. Does anyone have a fan like this installed on their Serenity? If so, is it supposed to run all the time when the refrigerator is on or under certain circumstances/temperature? We've never heard it run when using propane or electric.  Is it an add-on/after-market product perhaps? Google search on the brand shows that the fan is primarily used in computers.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Re: Dometic RM8555 mystery fan

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I have a 2015 LTV SS camper van with the Dometic two door fridge which I suspect is very similar to yours.  I have a small fan mounted in the lower section in the outside compartment.  The original owner knew nothing about it so I think it was a factory install.  It has a small adjustable thermostat attached to one of the fidge's tubes. Interestingly, when I first discovered the fan, one of the power leads was clipped and again the original owner again knew nothing about it.   I reconnected the wire and turned down the thermostat a bit and let it go at that.  I notice the fan does come on when the weather heats up.  Your fan looks like it might be a 4" fan.  I think my fan is a 3" one.

Hope this helps