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Upcoming Premier for Unity FX

Does anyone have any word on whether or not the Unity FX will be offered for model year 2021? It's about the only Unity Moel that hasn't been premiered.

Re: Upcoming Premier for Unity FX

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We ordered a 2020 FX last February. We are now scheduled to take delivery of a 2021 FX in February 2021. So yes, there is a 2021 FX model. For reasons unknown, LTV always does the video of the new model FX after all the other videos of the new models are posted.

FYI - this group is much less active than the Facebook group. If you do FB, it would be beneficial to participate there too. Look for the group "Leisure Travel Van Enthusiasts".

Re: Upcoming Premier for Unity FX

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Re: Upcoming Premier for Unity FX

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Regarding Facebook. I don't and never will have an account on it. I don't like being censored and spyed on that they do. For that matter I don't use Google or Twitter either for the same reason. Don't think we will have that problem here in this neat little community here.

Re: Upcoming Premier for Unity FX

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On the internet, whenever you get something for free, you have to accept that YOU are the product that's being sold. The free content is just the lure to attract you. That's the business model. The alternative would be to charge $$$ for everything.
Of course, if you can't/won't accept that, then you have the choice to abstain.

BTW, I avoid Facebook like the plague (or make that Covid).
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