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Front Twin Bed Close to NC

Looking to determine floor plan for a Wonder purchase. We've already secured a production slot so now we're deciding floor plan and options. The FTB is a serious consideration for us, even if not as popular as the other models according to our dealer. The dealer does not have one coming in before ours would come in so we're unable to see this floor plan in person.

Is there anyone with a Wonder FTB close to NC that's willing to allow us to take a look?

Our schedule is flexible. Appreciate it!

Re: Front Twin Bed Close to NC

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Sorry we are not close to you for you to see one.  But we have a 2018 WFTB and love it.  We saw other units and then we saw a WFTB and fell in love with it.  Lots and lots of light and openess with the large windows.  It has lots of storage and the large shower.  The only draw back might be not having two living areas if one goes to sleep or gets up alot earier than the other one.  As for the dealer stating its not popular whats his point hes not going to use it.