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Chassis Battery Replacement \ Lion ?

2018-19 Unity IB requires attention with regard to Chassis battery sitting idle.
Unity handbook states
" disconnect during extended periods"
a point easily overlooked until you already abused and presumably "sulfated" your new battery.
It now barely holds an overnight charge. Do I get mercedes replacement or go with a lion battery ?
there is a negative battery disconnect near accelerator pedal , none the less I let it go dead 3- 4 times and battery is trashed.
Battleborn battery appears to be a bit too tall @ 9"
I also plan it utilize a LiFePO4 Battery Isolation Manager (BIM)

400W of solar bleeding back to chassis battery should avoid shore power trickle charge necessity

Re: Chassis Battery Replacement \ Lion ?

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My understanding Lithiums are not recommended for starting batteries.
Do some research before buying.  Should be AGMs.
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Re: Chassis Battery Replacement \ Lion ?

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If all you are using your starter battery for is running the chassis and not using the usb and accessories plug when it is not running the FLA batteries will be just fine at a much lower cost then AGM.   I disconnected my 5 yrs old FLA for a 4 month winter storage at freezing temps with no trickle charger or solar. It started first crank about 3 weeks ago when it got above freezing.   I had checked 3 times over the winter; it stayed at 12.6V with some overnight lows of 5F (-15C)