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Cooking without range hood

We just picked up our new 2019 Wonder MB at the beginning of this month. We've already taken a 1 week trip and we're loving the new rig. We moved up from a Scamp 5th wheel that had a range hood we used when cooking. Has anyone had any issues cooking without a range hood? We do run the ceiling fan but I'm concerned about possible future issues. I noticed they have a stainless angle attached to the upper cabinet above the range top. Any advice other than cooking outside would be greatly appreciated. We averaged 17.5 mi/gal. On the 1,600 mile trip!

Thanks in advance

Re: Cooking without range hood

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No issues in any rv without range hood.  If you do a lot of stir fry and such might be.
Just keep the ceiling fan on.
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Re: Cooking without range hood

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I too would have preferred a real "range hood". In lieu of....keep the ceiling fan on and crack the windows in the galley to promote airflow away from the cooktop and out the vent. Any cooking that involves a lot of smoke and fumes I'd do outdoors...even with a range hood.

Re: Cooking without range hood

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Just a safety note for any newbies.  Odors and steam are inconveniences  (though steam can arguably cause long term issues in any RV).  But a more important consideration for your health, is that you are cooking with an open flame in an enclosed vehicle.  Ventilation is critical to avoid Carbon Monoxide  buildup.   It is always recommended to have the ceiling fan on (and the window cracked a bit to draw fresh air in)

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