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Possible New Rv'er

Hello All,

I'm looking for feedback from experienced LTV users prior to committing to a large purchase (RL model). I thank you for your time and response ahead of time.

1.   Annual ownership cost when following LTV and Mercedes annual preventive maintenance plans?
2.   Three greatest pro's & con's of the Unity?
3.   Average mpg?
4.   Boon docking concerns with only 12 gallons of usable LP; under a full amp load of .7gph, the LP generator (diesel unavailable in RL model) will only be available for 17 hours prior to a required refill.  Not sure I understand the power management options. Also, confirm a home can handle the RV's load while connected to the home power.
5.   Looking to rent prior to purchase. Willing to pay a daily flat fee of $500.00 to rent a Unity (RL first choice) for our summer vacation July 1 - July 12, departing from our Sarasota FL home.

Thank you,
Debbie and Rick Michaels