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Dometic RMD8555 120Vac failure

Curious if anyone else has had this 120V burner failure mode on their fridge.

2017 Unity.  The fridge started acting up quite a while ago, but would never fault.  It would just stop cooling on 120Vac after a couple of days, but run fine on other modes, so we simply left it on LP.  
 Operational issues with the Dometic RMD8555 in a 2017 Unity

FINALLY this spring it decided to offer the 120Vac burner failure fault and not cool in that mode at all, although it takes several hours on 120V operation for it to finally decide to show the fault.

Have reached out to the local Dometic authorized service center for repair, but just wondered if this was an unusual failure.  I haven't come across it in any of my web searches.

2017 Unity CB

Re: Dometic RMD8555 120Vac failure

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We are having the same problem. fridge was working fine for 2 years and then all of the sudden it will not cool anymore on 120V.
Last month all ice in the freezer had melted and nothing is happening on 120Volt. All indicators say all is well but no cooling or freezing going on. Did not yet try on lpg or 12V as it is in storage at the moment and connected to 120V
We have exactly the same Dometic fridge in a 2018 Unity MB. Did you find out what the problem is/was?

Theo Brand

Re: Dometic RMD8555 120Vac failure

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My fridge also stoped working on 120 volts. Works fine in 12 volts and propane. I would guess that the 120 volt heater is bad. I tried removing the fridge to replace the heater but I could not get the fridge out of the cabinet for repair. Has anyone been able to pull it out? I am in Dallas Texas, any suggestions.