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Has anyone replaced the standard fan that comes with the coach to a MaxxFan? Maybe it's me but I don't need the rain sensors option not quite sure if I can disable that function. In our last coach, we had the MaxxFan I found much easier to use and at night I could turn the fan on  / off, change speeds without getting up once in bed.


Middle Haddam, CT
2019 Wonder FTB

Re: Fans

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I am curious on this as well. We have and 2019 Wonder FTB and the rain sensors seem redundant as we have fan covers for both vans. Also, if you open the shower door quickly and dump the humid shower air out quickly, the fan will close and stop. That is annoying!! I am going to try a way to blunt the sensor sensitivity or disable it. I am not familiar with the Max Fan. Is it remote control??

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You can disconnect the sensors ny removing the wires,, I understand, nave not tried it yet. You need needle nose pliers. 
 Kind of annoying but have lived with it so far, no covers.  Kind of cool when in the middle of the night get few drops of rain and it closes!
Since you have the covers I would get rid of the sensors.
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2019 Wonder FTB
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Re: Fans

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We have a 2019 Wonder and the auto fan sensors just are not practical. You cannot vent the shower they will shut down almost immediately. I installed vent covers and disconnected the sensors.
Middle Haddam, CT
2019 Wonder FTB

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I always put covers over the fans...so rain sensors are redundant. Just when you need the fan after showering, it shuts off. I'm going to disable this for the bathroom fan.

IMHO, even the less expensive fan covers work fine over the Fantastic fans. They keep out all sorts of dirt and debris and you don't need the rain sensors.