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LTV Discussion / Re: Unity front hubcaps
Last post by Harrysalit -
Sure they have problems, Main one seems to be with Mercedes dealers!
Take a look at facebook, Leisure Travel Vans Enthisiasts
LTV Discussion / Re: Unity front hubcaps
Last post by hdtvluvr -
I think it means that not too many know about this forum.  It is not an official LTV forum.
LTV Discussion / Re: Unity front hubcaps
Last post by Noel -
Thanks for your response.  I am on the sprinter forum also but along with you I wish this forum had a better response.  It must mean that LTV owners dont have many issues.
For those who are planning a lithium installation using Lithionics Deluxe BMS, you'll be happy to know their BMS is comparable and talks to any RV-C protocol display system. I provided some information below regarding the handshake.

Enjoy - Mike

LTV Discussion / Re: Unity front hubcaps
Last post by hdtvluvr -
There aren't a lot of users here.  Maybe you could post in the Sprinter Forum - sub forum Unity.

Unity - Sprinter-Forum

I'm sure there would be someone to take you up on this offer.

If you don't have a login for that forum, let me know.  I'll post it and if there is a response, I'll send their email to you using the send message in this forum.  Then y'all can communicate.

I see by your other posts that you may have a new Unity.  If so, and you don't have a Sprinter Forum account, I'd suggest you get one.  Great place with a lot of knowledge.  I don't have a Unity but Unity's have the same internal systems as the Wonder.

I do wish that this site had more traffic.
LTV Discussion / Unity front hubcaps
Last post by Noel -
Anyone want a set of front hubcaps for Unity.
I took them off a 2014 Unity and then sold the unit.
Free if you pay shipping otherwise they go to the garbage.

Serenity / Libero / Re: Sliding Screen Door on our 2016 Serenity
Last post by Sakurachan -
Our tip is to make sure the (adjustable) release handle is at the proper height and pull it only horizontally. When exiting, you're standing on a higher level and it's unintentional to guide the handle a bit upward toward you, which can cause the screen to go screwy. I find it easier to enter from the outside because I'm using the handle from a lower position and can control the horizontal slide easier.
Wonder / Lithium/Solar/Inverter Energy Upgrade
Last post by gmilleok1 -
I upgraded our new WonderRTB energy system after we took delivery of our new WonderRTB from VanCityRV in Kalispell, MT. We ordered it last April with the stock lead acid batteries, no solar panels, stock 1000 watt inverter, and no genset, having decided we wanted much more than what LTV offers with the energy upgrade, and particularly not wanting flex panels or the genset.

After picking it up from VanCityRV, we drove it to AMSolar to do the upgrade. They had it six working days. They removed the 1000watt Xantrex inverter/charger, the two lead acid batteries as well as the compartment they were in, and the Sterling 20amp DC-DC charger. In it's place they installed a Victron 3000 watt inverter, 6 100 watt Zamp rigid solar panels, a Redarc 50 amp DC-DC charger, a BM712 battery monitor and the Victron Multi-display, along with cutoff switches for the alternator, solar, and inverter, and a master battery cutoff near the batteries. and three Lifeblue 200 amps Lithium batteries. In addition, breakers were also installed for power source as well, and the solar panels were also fused for protection. They also put a 30 amp breaker from the shore power line. They had no experience with the Redarc charger, and it had a strange propensity to drain the chassis battery a bit before it cutoff, so they installed a Victron low voltage cutoff connected to the alternator so when the ignition is turned off, the cutoff disconnects the chassis from the Redarc DC-DC charger. They also rewired, as needed the AC panel so all outlets and the A/C and Microwave all are run off the inverter as well. They pretty much left everything as is, including the transfer switch that is fully wired up as if I had a generator (LTV builds them as if the genset will be installed even if you don't order it-I guess that makes it easier to add one later).

Our upgrade makes it different from the way most RV's are configured where you can turn the inverter off. In our case, it is always on because shore power also comes through the inverter rather than from a transfer switch since it has a built in switch. If there is not enough amps in the shore power connection, the inverter will add enough to cover it from the batteries. At first I was concerned but then realized I got 600 amps of Lithium plugged into shore power, so the batteries will stay charged anyway even if the inverter is on. This also affects the fridge if left in AUTO mode, it will always think it is one shore power since the AC is always inverted, so I'll have to manually place it in propane mode when dry camping or the batteries will drain. I will try out the new 2020 Dometic 3-way. I've never liked 3-ways, and if it doesn't cool to our satisfaction, I'll replace it next year with a Novacool compressor based fridge.

We decided to place all components in the rear garage, as it was the most logical place since that's where all LTV's connections terminated. They did have to run new cables for the solar, and did so from the area above the microwave, down to the floor, through a run under the shower and step, then down through the floor into another run to the garage.

Complete control is through the display, as well as over the internet through Victron's portal which allows control using a laptop or smartphone.

This was not inexpensive, so don't ask. But it does exactly what I wanted it to do, all in the background, with no maintenance to speak of. Plug and play, more or less.

I highly recommend AMSolar. They could have taken shortcuts and I'd never know it. A good example is the Redarc issue. They discovered that while testing the voltages. Few shops would have actually even figured it out. You do get what you pay for.

For anyone thinking about updating there rig with such a system, let me know I'll be glad to discuss the details (other than cost-if you want to know that, pm me).
Unity / Re: Leveling system
Last post by Harrysalit -
Solar and surge might be 30 lbs.
I would call Equilizer and ask them for leveler weight. 
LTV Discussion / Re: Window leaking
Last post by hdtvluvr -
Forgot to update this as just fixed it last week.  The window had to come out.  At the top on the driver end, the window had dropped and you could press the gasket lightly and see dark which was the inside of the window hole.  Water was seeping in, pooling in the bottom of the opening and then draining out inside the RV.  When the window was out you could see the water trail due to the dirty streak it left behind.  Had help getting the window out and removed the gasket.  Actually adhesive backed weather strip.  What a mess.  Took a lot of scraping to get it off.  Applied new weather strip, inserted the window making sure it was in the correct place and covered the opening correctly.  I'm hoping it never leaks again.