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Wonder / Side Window Replacement advise
Last post by vjthomas007 -
I have a 2018 Wonder 24MB with a broken side window. Would really appreciate any thoughts about having it replaced quickly and as inexpensively as possible.

Thanks so much! Pic below.

Wonder / Re: LTV Delivery Delays
Last post by DonImbimbo -
We ordered our RTB in January also. Our Dealer quoted 12 - 18 months. But I have since inquired directly to LTV and was quoted the same.
Wonder / LTV Delivery Delays
Last post by Dan Friedman -
We ordered our Wonder RTB in January 2021.  We checked with LTV today.  They told me due to Ford chassis computer chip delays, we are looking at 16-18 months from time of order to delivery. 
Wonder / Re: Wonder A/C noise reduction?
Last post by Jack -
Who sells the Australian RV AC unit that Advance is selling I would like to DIY the replacement unit. Thank you in advance
Unity / Brake light cover replacement
Last post by Nancy Broyan -
We have a 2010 LTV Unity MB with a slight crack in the left brake light cover.  Does anyone have a source for replacing the red lens cover?  I'm not having any luck with online searches.
Wonder / Re: Wonder RTB Garage
Last post by Killtimer -
[quote author=Crystal's Palace link=msg=1306 date=1618181055]
Way to go, I've been trying to put 2 Rad Mini's in ours.
Has your bikes got kick stands on?
And I notice you folded the peddles.

Yes to the kick stands and folding peddles. I've heard from others that 2 of the Rad mini will fit. Some have removed the tray for more room. Just noticed you're in Cochrane. We're in Sundre. :-)