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Unity / Re: Dometic RMD8555 120Vac failure
Last post by Kinkajou -
My fridge also stoped working on 120 volts. Works fine in 12 volts and propane. I would guess that the 120 volt heater is bad. I tried removing the fridge to replace the heater but I could not get the fridge out of the cabinet for repair. Has anyone been able to pull it out? I am in Dallas Texas, any suggestions.
In my black 3 ring binder with manuals for various devices in the RV, the back up mirror is called Echomaster.

The remote will control,
Screen brightness
Screen contrast
Screen color
Turns parking guidelines on or off.
Choose language
Reset all values to default

Check your book!  Ask LTV to provide you this book.  It valuable.
I'm not sure about all of its capabilities but it will move the overlaid lines on the monitor.   I just put mine in the glovebox and never mess with it.   
So what is the remote control for?
I don't have a manual either.  The remote will not move the camera up and down nor side to side.  If you are wanting to do that you will have to climb up there and do it manually.  The fisheye aspect of the camera can not be changed.  I find the camera to be useless unless actually backing up and checking distance from an object.  But don't be fooled.  You are closer to the object than it appears in the monitor. 

So, you didn't get a LTV bag with the manuals, list of installed components with serial #'s, etc?  It should be in a cabinet or drawer in the LTV.  If not, time to call the dealer.
We've just purchased a Wonder FTB 2020.  The dealer gave us no manuals or books.  We've downloaded the manual from the LTV site, but there is no information about how to use the remote control for the rear view mirror camera.  Does anyone have a source for instructions for this?  Thank you!
Wonder / Re: Using Propane and Quick Connect
Last post by Harrysalit -
No problems filling RV propane tank in Western US.
Wonder / Re: Using Propane and Quick Connect
Last post by Crystal's Palace -
Seems that a lot of stations and camp grounds in Western Canada are doing away with fill stations and going toward the propane exchange bottles.

Was just wondering what it's like in the rest of the Canada and the US, nice to hear from different parts of the country.

Thanks Ron
Wonder / Re: Using Propane and Quick Connect
Last post by Charlie Gotta -
We have had propane tanks in our last motor home and now our Wonder that we had had now for (2) years. We have not run into any issues in getting our tanks filled that are installed on the coaches. Most of all the campsites that we have gone to have filling stations on the campgrounds. I have even pulled into campgrounds that we did not stay at jut to have the tank filled. Most of our camping has been on the East Coast so I cannot answer if there are issues elsewhere.

Happy Travels
Wonder / Re: Using Propane and Quick Connect
Last post by Harrysalit -
So far no problems getting my RV tank filled. 
Carry couple of 1 lb bottles, if quick connect is inconvenient.
No place to store 5 lb bottles!