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Unity / Re: Changing Unity Storage Lock (CAM)
Last post by Noel -
Every Rv uses a CH751 key for storage compartments.  Anybody RVer that wants something can open just about any storage compartment.  By the way the door locks generally use a common key also.
I view the lock as a prevention of the storage door coming open by accident.
Serenity / Libero / AC problem
Last post by Babmcd -
We have a 2013 Serenity and while on generator power the AC unit Trips the circuit breaker after several hours of operation. No other appliances are running at the time.  Has anyone experienced this? Suggestions on a fix?
Unity / Re: Changing Unity Storage Lock (CAM)
Last post by hdtvluvr -
I'm not sure how they come apart. 
But, I only lock my large storage compartment which just has the cam.  The other compartments I leave unlocked.  This has been discussed in other forums and the consensus is to leave unlocked as if someone wanted to steal something and decided to break in, they would do $$$ damage.  Probably more than the price of what is inside the compartment. 
Unity / Changing Unity Storage Lock (CAM)
Last post by George22 -
Has anyone changed the outside storage locks?  For security purposes I'm looking to replace the CAMS (the keyed component).  The Unity has a storage compartment in which the CAM can be removed and replaced easily.  However the other storage compartments have a housing that contains the CAM and latch.  Having trouble seeing how the CAM is connected to the housing.  Before I take it all apart looking for insight/hints that will allow me to put it back together again.
Unity / Re: Tow vehicle, Bbraking system
Last post by Noel -
Call E-trailer.  Did a 2016 Chevy Colorado with everything for flat towing.  Wonderful experience.
LTV Discussion / Re: Fastener's
Last post by Harrysalit -
So these are nuts, still need hooks, etc,
I would like larger hooks.
LTV Discussion / Re: Fastener's
Last post by hdtvluvr -
Now, which size are they?  And what other accessories are available?
LTV Discussion / Re: Fastener's
Last post by Charlie Gotta -
I guess they call them "channel nuts"

will have to measure the channel

Did find some on Amazon: Amazon.com: Channel nuts

LTV Discussion / Re: Fastener's
Last post by Charlie Gotta -
thanks, If I remember correctly when I was on Facebook a member had the info on the Leisure Van group page. Not a member of Facebook anymore.
LTV Discussion / Re: Formaldehyde issues with newer LTV models?
Last post by Harrysalit -
Does LTV use any formaldehyde or off gassing type products that could affect a respiratory challenged person?
I posted this on Facebook, some replies from owners,.

They "wiped down" our unit with a "highly" fragrant cleaner.  After that evaporated i did not notice any other odors.
I don't actually know the answer to that question...you would probably want to call the factory.   But I'm pretty sensitive to those kinds of things and when I purchased my 2017, I didn't have any issues.
Chances are unless they our touting 'non-toxic' materials the answer is yes
I have similar issues. I purchased a used Serenity because it appeared to have the most wood construction at the time. I also wanted one that had out gassed before I got it. Worked for me. No problems
A concern for us as well.  When our '18 UCB is just hanging out in the driveway we open all the windows about half inch and both ceiling fans the same.  No problem.
My husband and I both have asthma and are sensitive to any off gassing.  We bought a Unity FX.  No problem ever.