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Unity / Murphy Bed Motor/Mechanism Failure
Last post by TravelFit -
2014 Unity Murphy Bed. After a couple of months living in our 2014 Unity, the Murphy bed seems to be very slow deploying from the stowed position. The vertical lift is much slower than a couple of weeks ago. There has been no changes in bedding or mattress weight. I have not measured applied voltage or running current...as of yet. The remainder of the deploy and retract sequence seems fine.
Has anyone experienced this and, if so, what was the solution?
As a side note, Leisure Travel stopped utilizing electric powered Murphy beds in favor of manual ones.
Has anyone heard of the reason?
Your input would be appreciated.
Unity / U-Shaped Dinette Removal
Last post by TravelFit -
The U-shaped couch on our 2014 was very uncomfortable. I wanted to remove and replace with the Leisure Travel recliners.
Leisure Travel said they would not sell me the recliners. If I wanted recliners, buy a model with them installed. CHALLENGE.
I removed the U-shaped couch, drawers...all of it. Replaced with 2018 Cadillac Escalade second row, leather, recliner, tilt forward seats. To bring the Murphy bed down, the seat height, when folded, can only be 18" high. The Escalade seats were right on tract. There was not height room for a rotational component. Both end walls remained intact. Then I built cabinets on the side and side of the seats. There is a cabinet between the seats 17" high. Then I added a full length, 3 compartment storage behind the seats. They can only be 10" high and must be an inch or so in front of the Murphy bed travel path. I was to keep the original table post. Just fabricated an 18" round table and utilized the original table socket. On front of the forward wall, I fabricated a holding storage pocket for the table when not in use. To ensure stability, I utilize the slide out locks under the end of the bed at night.
For leg support, we use folding steps that are 15" tall when folded. That way they fit in the center console when not in use.
This arrangement is worlds ahead of the U-shaped couch.
The cost was minimal.
Serenity / Libero / Re: AC problem
Last post by Babmcd -
The 20 amp breaker was replaced, so it's all set now!
Serenity / Libero / Re: AC problem
Last post by John Wood -
Make sure return air filters are clean.  If it is a breaker in the main breaker box, try replacing it.  They are relatively cheap in the big picture of things and sometimes they get weak and trip pre-maturely.  Check the incoming voltage.  Low voltage will cause an increase in current draw and that can trip a breaker.
LTV Discussion / Re: 2020 UNITY RL
Last post by Charlie Gotta -
Best of luck !!!
LTV Discussion / Re: 2020 UNITY RL
Last post by Harrysalit -
LTV Discussion / Re: 2020 UNITY RL
Last post by Greg Evans -
Bought the show one from Holland Motors that will be in the California RV Show. Oct 3-13th. Take delivery a week later. Bought it sight unseen but then there is only one color scheme etc so expect it to look like the online images. Now that I know how long the wait is the 26 days more I have to wait seems paltry. Will let you know how I like it in a couple of months. My wife an I needed two beds (one front one back), we like the lounge area and this model seemed like the best use of space for us.
LTV Discussion / Re: 2020 UNITY RL
Last post by RobertDi -
How do people get those now anyway?
Garage Sales / Looking for a Unity 24TB
Last post by lnewby -
We would love to find a Unity 24TB to buy in the next few months.  Prefer a 2018, but will consider one 1-2 years older.  If you have one or know someone who does, please email us at loran57@gmail.com.
LTV Discussion / Re: 2020 UNITY RL
Last post by daco4m -
Purchased one at Hershey yesterday. Production does not start until November with an expected wait is 10-12 months. Domestic still working on the multiplex wiring causing a delay. The show had all the 2020 models there including a new RL in Mountain Ultra Leather vs blue
Glad to hear you were able to get one! I wasn't sure if there were any on the streets yet or like you say mass production would not be until November. That may make us lean towards a Serenity, with hopes there will be a few more of those hitting the streets quicker. Congrads on the purchase! MD