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LTV Discussion / Re: Battery replacement for 2015 Free Spirit SS
Last post by Harrysalit -
This is a class B rv, space and weight is is short!
If you switch to Lithiums, then inverter has to have a lithium setting, otherwise any flooded or AGM battery should work.

If you want to upgrade, I have a Magnum 1000watt inverter available, that I removed from my 2019 Wonder (replaced with a 3000w).  Nothing wrong with it other then it does not have a Lithium setting, Magnum was working on a fix.
Unity / Re: 2022 Unity cabinetry quality
Last post by Todd W -
When you are almost 2 years in back orders i guess any excuse to raise the prices like everyone else. LTV is still by far the best and reasonable.
LTV Discussion / Battery replacement for 2015 Free Spirit SS
Last post by KEllis -
I need to replace the two coach 6v-batteries located inside the back door. I want to make sure I replace them with something compatible with the inverter. Any recommendations would be terrific! Thank you.
Unity / 2022 Unity cabinetry quality
Last post by Proceed Leisurely -
Hello!  Anyone fortunate to be the proud Owner of a new 2022 Unity built upon the ‘21 Mercedes cutaway chassis?  Wondering if you are pleased with the - how Dean describes them - “solid wood” cabinets (wood veneered thick plywood) . . . as well as the supposedly “fully optioned” Mercedes Benz chassis, which I’ve been told the primary reason the price went up soooo much for 2022 . . . your comments will be appreciated!  Enjoy the journey 😎
LTV Discussion / shore power connection trips GFI
Last post by redacted -
I have a 2016 LTV Unity, which I purchased a few weeks ago.  When I connect shore power to a GFI outlet, the GFI breaker trips immediately.  Any idea what might cause this?