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Unity / Re: Battery Isolator
Last post by Karl -
I have a 2010 Unity, and we're replacing the inverter with a proper sine wave inverter. I have the same question. The possible answer is under the driver's seat -- that's where there are a lot of battery cables.
Hint: toggle the battery disconnect button, and listen for the relay to click. An assistant can help to zero in on where the relay is located. I would warn that the chassis battery shouldn't be required to help the coach batteries. What is you run down all your batteries? Being able to start the engine, and then allowing it to help out the coach batteries, will get you out of a serious fix when you're boondocking. When the engine is running, the alternator will charge everything, and I'm installing a manual disconnect because the Mercedes chassis battery isn't the identical chemistry, necessarily, as the coach batteries and you might end up cooking the coach batteries on a long drive if the alternator overdoes it.
Serenity / Libero / Re: Need help finding my inverter
Last post by Karl -
Barb:  The inverter is a black box that's a bit bigger than a large shoebox, and it has a fat red wire and a fat black wire going in, and at least two 120-volt wires (like the ones that travel through your house) also connected. There might be a "reset" button on the top of the inverter, that could get it going again, because you overloaded it with the air conditioner, etc.
But RV folks often hide items like inverters under a plywood partition, because they don't want you to monkey with it.
Serenity / Libero / Frame Heater Dometic RMD 8555
Last post by adsaxs -
We've purchased a 2016 Serenity and have a question about frame heating in our Dometic RMD 8555 refrigerator. This option is new to us - never had it in the refrigerator in our fifth wheel. The manual says:

"All models are equipped with a frame heating (12VDC/3,5W) around the freezer compartment.
During summer months with high temperature and humidity the metal frame may have water droplets forming. To evaporate these droplets switch on the frame heating with button (6)."

Then reading the manual further, it reads:
"Operation with 120 V mode and 12 V mode AES (automatic operation): The frame heater is switched on continuously. There is no indication on the control panel."

So, does that mean there is no action needed on our part since our model RMD 8555 has AES mode? Plus, if I didn't have an AES mode, is this option something that is run with high temperatures and humidity or is it either high temperatures or high humidity? We're in Arizona now where temps are hovering between 85-95 with very low humidity.

Thanks for any clarification.
Serenity / Libero / Need help finding my inverter
Last post by Barb -
I just bought a 2012 Libero and am trying to figure things out......total newbie to RVing!  My inverter doesn't seem to be working.  The remote doesn't do anything when I push the on button.  I am trying to find it to see if it needs switched on, but can't locate it.  It says to look in the drivers side storage compartment, and there IS something there, but it sure doesn't look like the picture in the manual, and it doesn't seem to want to open up.  Can anyone please help me?  Thanks!
Unity / Re: Flat towing with a Unity 24MB
Last post by BCase -
I have a 2020 Unity MB.  Considering flat towing a 2017 Jeep Willys, 2 Door and weights 4000#s.  Anyone have any experience with this combination? Is the tail wagging the dog?
Unity / Re: Macerators
Last post by Harrysalit -
Bench testing isn't always electrical, on a bench!
Suggestion was to disconnect the pluming but leave wire connected, stand macerator vertically, pour water in, turn on switch.  Water pumped out, so it worked.  Put it back in storage. Still using 3" gravity.
Unity / Re: Macerators
Last post by hdtvluvr -
So power to the plug and when you connected the macerator it didn't work.  But you bench tested using the connector on the macerator wires and it worked.  Very strange.
Unity / Re: Macerators
Last post by Harrysalit -
No, had power at the macerator in line plug connection!
Unity / Re: Macerators
Last post by hdtvluvr -
Did you check the fuse??   : )

Unity / Re: Macerators
Last post by Harrysalit -
We picked our LTV March last year, left for a 5 month trip in June, macerator quit 2 days before we got home in Nov!!
LTV sent me new one, installed it and it would not work!  LTV said to remove it and bench test, did that and it worked! 
At this point I have had to crawl under it 3 times to remove or install.
It is now stored In a compartment, waiting for the 3" gravity hose to fail!!!
So far no need to pump up hill or long distances