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2021 LTV Wonder RL - Skid Wheels

Understand the Wonder rides lower than the Unity, & curious if the Wonder comes with Skid Wheels to compensate.  Or has anyone added Skid Wheels & are you pleased with them?  Do they do the job in preventing dragging the rear end or possibly damaging the Macerator?  If pleased, which ones did you purchase?
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Re: 2021 LTV Wonder RL - Skid Wheels

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My 2019 Wonder FTB came with skid loops, not wheels.
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Re: 2021 LTV Wonder RL - Skid Wheels

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Our 2019 came with skid loops also... Has not been an issue, we are careful around dips and drops.
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Re: 2021 LTV Wonder RL - Skid Wheels

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If you have the macerator, be very careful.

The only problem I've had is when boarding ferries on the way to Alaska.  As long as one had an extra set of eyes on the rear and boarded slightly off the center line  you can get on without dragging.  I am always very cautious on curbs, etc. when moving around.  I've owned a Unity and now my Wonder and there is a very big difference between ground clearance.  I like that: my Wonder doesn't feel as tippy but  you have to be more careful about dragging your a&& end!

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