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Amperage draw list

I recently purchased a 2014 LTV Free Spirit with the standard battery set up. I want to develop a list of the amperage draw of all 12v devices in order to calculate the amount of time these devices can be used before I need to recharge the batteries, and to consider how large of battery capacity I might want to upgrade to in the future (or add solar, etc). I called LTV to see if they had a list of amperage for all lights, radio, water pump, etc. but they did not, so I was hoping a LTV user might have done this research and calculations. Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Amperage draw list

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Google it, many lists out there.
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Re: Amperage draw list

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You might try this:  I recently bought one of those $40 power capacity meters on eBay.  It seems to have an accurate amp meter plus the ability to monitor remaining battery capacity.  It measures charging current going in and out going current as it's used.  And it shows your remaining battery at all times.  Enough readings to keep you occupied for a couple of days during this dark pandemic winter.  Plus it comes with a hall effect sensor so you don't have to wire in a shunt.  You should be able to turn everything off and turn things on one at a time to get a good feel on how much current each item draws.  The controller can talk to the display via a wireless connection so the display can be easily mounted inside the rig where it's most convenient.

Hope this helps.