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Leveling system

We looked  at LTV unity MB today and are ready to order but are unsure about leveling system. Does it eat up occc?

Re: Leveling system

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My conclusion is that under the definition of Cargo Carrying Capacity it would be under "optional accessories or equipment not included in the UVW will take up part of the Cargo Carrying Capacity" 

Having said this, my 2019 U24CB will be delivered with the new Equalizer Systems LTV Factory installed four point jacks.  And, a diesel generator.  So I am using up a lot of the small CCC of the LTV.

Think about this.... the Airstream Atlas, with power sunroof, power hidden entrance steps, power lifting television, air suspension, power blinds... yikes, much more electrical stuff than an LTV, in spite of this has 985 lbs. of CCC. 

Using this figure for the LTV, the weight of the jacks may be 100 lbs over the stabilizing jacks (included in the Atlas) so one still has a fair amount of room for "stuff".  The CCC takes into account full water, propane, and the weight of four occupants thus one would have to really be into having some heavy equipment along to exceed this.

One more point.... the GVWR of 11,030 lbs. is actually about 1000 lbs. less than the front and rear GAWR which is a total of 4410 and 7720 lbs or 12,130 lbs....  careful loading required... LOL
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Re: Leveling system

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We weighted our 2014 Unity 24MB then weighed our 2020 24MB.  New unit had leveling vs stabelizers, Ladder, and 200 w solar, and surge protector that our old unit did not have.  New unit weighed about 500 lbs more than old unit.  I assume most of that weight was from leveling.
Factory might be able to give actual numbers. 

Re: Leveling system

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Solar and surge might be 30 lbs.
I would call Equilizer and ask them for leveler weight. 
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Re: Leveling system

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The "leveling system" on our 2010 MB wasn't all that heavy, but it had 2 serious design flaws. The logic circuits would retract the jacks and then when the motors stalled, it concluded that the jacks were up. However, one day a jack got stuck in a mud puddle and the motor stalled. I drove away and destroyed the jack (and it had to be removed before I could go any further).
The second issue is that the jacks are right under the Sprinter frame members and only about three feet apart. That doesn't give the vehicle much defense against the proverbial "when the rig's a-rockin then don't come a-knockin".